Eating Crickets: The Key to a Sustainable Food System?

Grow Ensemble Podcast

Grow Ensemble | February 8, 2022

Orchestra Provisions' very own Kate Stoddard joined Grow Ensemble’s Founder and podcast host, Cory Ames, on the Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast to explore how eating crickets could be the key to a sustainable food system.

Kate is a mother, social entrepreneur, and environmentalist. She has a Master’s in the science of nutrition and is interested in finding regenerative solutions to mending broken food systems. She is the Founder of Orchestra Provisions, an organization that is reimagining traditional protein sources by incorporating crickets into daily-use superfood blends. 


In this conversation, Kate talks with Cory about how she discovered the benefits of eating insects and decided to build a product line to advocate for them. They discuss our rich history of entomophagy (eating insects), what has separated Western culture from this practice, and how Kate is overcoming the barriers to its re-adoption through her marketing. 


They also cover the many reasons why insect protein is more sustainable than other sources, and how Orchestra Provisions is slowly shifting perceptions using their line of delicious spices, protein powders, and therapeutics.


Topics discussed:

  • The influence of Kate’s parents and what drew her to impact-based work
  • How she became aware of insects as a source of nutrients and developed an initial product that used crickets in a spice blend
  • The practices Kate uses to keep herself motivated while achieving her difficult goal, and the resources she uses for learning
  • Why Kate has brought in a partner and adopted a communal, values-aligned approach
  • A piece of advice from Kate for changemakers who want to make the world better 

Links from the episode:

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